WALGA provides advice on a range of issues relating to biodiversity, including sharing the best practice approaches via Environmental Events.


Local Biodiversity and Native Vegetation Management Project

WALGA has received funding from the State Natural Resource Management (NRM) Program, for the Local Government Biodiversity and Native Vegetation Management Project (the Project). The Project will operate between March 2023 and December 2024, delivering a range of resources, including a roadside vegetation management e-training module and funding to Local Governments via a devolved grants program. 

The project is supported by:  

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NAIA Templates and NAIA database

Four Natural Area Initial Assessment (NAIA) templates were developed to help Local Governments assess site-specific ecological values, biodiversity significance and threats.  Initially developed for Local Governments in the Perth Metropolitan Region and the South West Biodiversity Project area, the current NAIA Templates are applicable across the South West of Western Australia. Download the current NAIA Templates

A database is available for historical Local Government data collected using the NAIA Templates. NAIA Templates for the Perth Metropolitan Region can be downloaded here NAIA Templates and for the South West Biodiversity Project area can be downloaded here.

Native Vegetation

WALGA produces a number of resources which are aimed at assisting Local Governments find this balance whilst managing native vegetation in their area.  

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