Local Government Directory

The Local Government Directory is an annual publication produced by the WALGA Advocacy team.

The Local Government Directory is a comprehensive resource crucial for effective engagement with Councils across our State and stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts of WALGA’s 139 Member Local Governments, whose invaluable contribution has made this publication possible.

The Directory serves as a vital tool for stakeholders, Local Governments, Elected Members, Regional Councils and WALGA for facilitating seamless interaction and encouraging informed decision-making. This directory offers unparalleled insight and accessibility to the sector, including:

  • Up-to-date contact information
  • Elected Members (as of the October 2023 Local Government Election)
  • Regional Councils
  • Suburbs and localities
  • Statistics from the last financial year 
  • WALGA’s State Council and Zones
local government directory

Find Your Council

For the most recent and timely information, we encourage you to explore our online directory.

local government directory

The Western Australian Local Government Directory 2024

The 2024 Local Government Directory is now available! At WALGA, we take pride in delivering this indispensable resource, fostering collaboration and efficiency across the Local Government sector, and we hope it is as essential of a resource to you. 

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