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About WALGA Training

WALGA Training is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO Code 51992), offering comprehensive training solutions for the Local Government sector. We are committed to providing timely, friendly and efficient customer service to assist our clients on their journey. 

Our approachable team is here to help you with booking requests, On-Site training or eLearning quotes, and assisting you with any questions that may arise. 

Behind the scenes, our product development team is busy at work to ensure that your training is supported by quality resources, which are continuously updated to capture legislative changes and good governance practices. 

Our group of carefully selected trainers are subject matter experts in their field of expertise. They are eager to share their extensive knowledge in a safe and engaging environment, encouraging participants to expand their knowledge and practising skills to further develop their own capacity.

Browse Our Courses

Improve your professional pathways through WALGA Training’s wide range of In-person, Virtual and online specialised courses that will enhance your credentials and qualifications as an Elected Member or Local Government Officer.

Elected Member Courses

Offering more than 20 professional development opportunities to provide up-to-date and advanced knowledge and skills to support Elected Members to perform their role at the highest level.

Officer Courses

Over 40+ courses designed specifically for Local Government Officers covering areas such as governance, procurement, employee relations, policy and more.

WALGA Delivery Methods

We understand that people learn differently and not everyone is able to attend a course in person. With this in mind, WALGA offers a range of methods of interactive training including in-person, virtual classrooms and eLearning courses.

Whatever choice you make, WALGA is here to assist you to get the most out of your training and learning experiences.

The following information outlines our training method options. If you have any questions or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

In-person Training at WALGA

In-person learning offers the opportunity to discuss, collaborate, practice and roleplay, all ‘live’ with the guidance of a facilitator.

WALGA has selected a range of qualified specialist trainers who are trained to deliver courses that are interactive, collaborative, and engaging.

Virtual Classroom via Zoom

This methodology is also an excellent option for regional Local Governments to save on travel costs and arrange for a larger cohort to undertake training.

Our trainers will ensure a high quality learning environment via Zoom educational tools and will keep sessions interactive to keep concentration at a peak.

On-site Training at your Local Government

Similar to the training delivered at WALGA, a specialist trainer will come to your Local Government.  

This option is excellent if you want to contextualise the training to your region, discuss local challenges or simply to cut down travel time.  

eLearning Subscription

WALGA eLearning Subscription Service

Empower Your Team with Unrestricted Learning

To ensure that our members have access to high quality, tailor-made training at all times and regardless of location, WALGA Training is proud to offer a subscription service which allows your Local Government to enrol an unlimited number of learners to undertake selected course(s) over the subscription period. 

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