Virtual Classroom via Zoom

Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom

Technology is rapidly reshaping our world, and training is no different. Virtual classrooms are transforming how we train and learn. By eliminating physical boundaries, they have opened up endless learning and educational opportunities.

We recognise that human interaction is critical to the success of training and learning and our virtual classrooms ensure participants are able to interact and chat with peers and trainers without compromising the benefits of face-to-face learning. 

Virtual classroom advantage

Choosing to take a course through the virtual classroom via Zoom is an excellent option for regional Local Governments. This is also ideal if you live a distance from our training venues and/or find it difficult to be away from home or work to attend training at other venues or locations. 

IT Capability

Virtual classrooms may not be for everyone, so it is important to ensure that you have the necessary IT hardware and software, that you are confident in using the technology and that you can undertake the course without distraction or interruption. 

Please feel free to contact WALGA training to discuss this method of training if you are unsure about using Zoom or if you have questions about virtual classroom learning. 

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