Preferred Supplier Program

The Preferred Supplier Program (PSP) is a procurement option for WALGA Members to purchase goods, services and works from a range of pre-qualified suppliers.  

The PSP consists of the following 12 Panels: 

  • Information and Communications Technology (PSP001)
  • Engineering, Environmental and Technical Consulting (PSP002)
  • Professional Consultancy Services (PSP003)
  • Finance and Corporate (PSP004)
  • Leisure, Cultural and Community Services (PSP005)
  • Fleet (PSP006)
  • Waste and Energy (PSP007)
  • Workplace Goods and Services (PSP008)
  • Roads Infrastructure and Depot Services (PSP009)
  • Parks and Gardens (PSP010)
  • Temporary Labour and Recruitment (PSP011)
  • Construction and Building Environments (PSP012)

There are also over 150 categories within these panels. If you would like more information regarding the PSP, contact a WALGA Contract Manager.

Current Tenders

There are no current tenders. 


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