On-site Training at your Local Government

On-site Training

On-site Training

If you want to contextualise any of the training to your Local Government or region, discuss local challenges or simply need to cut down travel time, then booking training on-site at your Local Government is an excellent option. 

A specialised trainer will come you and as with other in-person training, participants will enjoy the interaction with colleagues and peers, in a local setting. 

Further advantages are

  • Flexible and Customised training

On-Site training allows for flexibility in your choice of location, course format, choice of date and tailor the course content to suit the needs of your Local Government.

  • Regional Collaboration

WALGA encourages regional Local Governments to partner with neighbouring Councils and share the training costs.  

  • Save Travel Time and Money

Eliminate the need to travel to WALGA by hosting your own training at a venue convenient to your Local Government. This method is particularly effective when you have a number of participants on the same course.


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  • Please also note and consider the time that the Training team will need to organise a trainer and any relevant travel and accommodation details.

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Customise training to your Local Government or region, reduce travel and costs, and promote collaboration with on-site sessions.

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