WALGA provides advice on a range of issues relating to biodiversity, including sharing the best practice approaches via Environmental Events.


Local Biodiversity and Native Vegetation Management Project

WALGA has received funding from the State Natural Resource Management (NRM) Program, for the Local Government Biodiversity and Native Vegetation Management Project (the Project). The Project will operate between March 2023 and December 2024, delivering a range of resources, including a roadside vegetation management e-training module and funding to Local Governments via a devolved grants program. More information can be found here.
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Local Biodiversity and Native Vegetation Management Project

Numerous resources were developed as part of WALGA’s Biodiversity Programs that ran from 2001 to 2014, all dedicated to helping Local Governments develop Local Biodiversity Strategies.  Celebrating Thirteen Years of Action for Biodiversity describes the WALGA’s Biodiversity Program’s many achievements over the thirteen years of operation. Many of the tools and resources developed during this period remain relevant and can be accessed below.  To find out more about the Programs, delivered with funding support from the State NRM Program, click here.


NAIA Templates and NAIA database

Four Natural Area Initial Assessment (NAIA) templates were developed to help Local Governments assess site-specific ecological values, biodiversity significance and threats.  Initially developed for Local Governments in the Perth Metropolitan Region and the South West Biodiversity Project area, the current NAIA Templates are applicable across the South West of Western Australia. Download the current NAIA Templates here

A database is available for historical Local Government data collected using the NAIA Templates. NAIA Templates for the Perth Metropolitan Region can be downloaded here NAIA Templates and for the South West Biodiversity Project area can be downloaded here.

Biodiversity Planning Guidelines for Local Governments

This document was developed to help Local Governments plan for the retention, protection and management of local biodiversity. Local Governments will follow a four-phase local biodiversity planning process resulting in the preparation of a Local Biodiversity Strategy.  
The Local Biodiversity Strategy will then guide:
  • the integration of biodiversity consideration into land use planning;
  • an action plan for managing biodiversity on Local Government land;
  • a strategy to provide incentives for conservation on private land.
Addendum to the Local Government Biodiversity Planning Guidelines for the South West Biodiversity Project area can be found here.

Guidelines for Bushland Management

This document was developed to help Local Governments to prioritise management actions for natural areas and to ensure that this management is in line with biodiversity principles. By prioritising local reserves for management actions, Local Governments will:
  • Manage natural areas for long-term sustainability;
  • Justify funding requests on the basis of sound biodiversity conservation principles; and
  • Use resources effectively.

Additional tools and resources include: 

For more information or specific resources, please contact environment@walga.asn.au or call (08) 9213 2000.


WALGA Submission on Australia's Strategy for Nature (2018) 

Submission to the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation on Modernising the Environmental Protection Act 1986

Submission to the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation on its draft Compliance and Enforcement Policy

Submission to the EPBC Act Review Secretariat on the independent review of the Environmnetal Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 Discussion Paper (April 2020)