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Zones are groups of geographically aligned Member Councils who are responsible for direct elections of State Councillors, providing input into policy formulation and providing advice on various matters.

The Elected Member Prospectus provides information about becoming a Zone Delegate or a State Councillor. An overview of the election process can be found here.

Zones Details

Zone 1 covers a majority of the country zones in WA.

  • Kimberley Country Zone
  • Pilbara Country Zone
  • Gascoyne Country Zone
  • Murchison Country Zone
  • Goldfields-Esperance Country Zone

View the Zone 1 map

Zone 2 covers the South West and Northern parts of Perth.

  • Northern Country Zone
  • Avon-Midland Country Zone
  • Great Eastern Country Zone
  • Central Country Zone
  • Peel Country Zone
  • South West Country Zone
  • Great Southern Country Zone

View the Zone 2 map

Zone 3 covers the north and central metropolitan areas of Perth.

  • North Metropolitan Zone
  • Central Metropolitan Zone

View the Zone 3 map

Zone 4 covers the south eastern areas of Perth.

  • East Metropolitan Zone
  • South East Metropolitan Zone
  • South Metropolitan Zone

View the Zone 4 map

Zone Meeting Minutes

Country Zones

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