The Council Member Essentials (CME) training is delivered in five individual course modules. Each module focuses on a different topic, building the knowledge and skills required of Councillors in a step-by-step approach, developing a deeper understanding over time, filled with practical tips and tools for Councillors to perform their role and responsibility as defined in the Local Government Act 1995.

Target Audience

Training is targeted at newly Elected Members, returning Elected Members and/or Elected Members who wish to run for election and are yet to complete the required training. 

All newly or re-elected members are required to complete the five (5) Council Member Essentials courses within 12 months of being elected.

Who is exempt from Council Member Essentials training?

As per the Local Government Regs, a Council Member is exempt from the requirement in section 5.126 (1) if the council member has successfully completed all five (5) Council Member Essentials courses within the period of 5 years ending immediately before the day on which the council member is elected.

It is however strongly encouraged that Elected Members who have previously completed the training consider re-enrolling into the courses as there has been significant amendments to the Local Government Act 1995 and Regulations since the 2019 elections.

These include:
  • amendments in 2019 (of which not all elements were featured in the 2019 CME) i.e. Codes of Conduct, Model Code of Conduct, CEO Standards)
  • changes to gift disclosure requirements in late 2019;
  • COVID-related amendments in 2020
  • the introduction of new arrangements for electronic meetings and attendance earlier this year
  • current 2023 amendments covering:
    • the current reform process
    • explaining the changes that have already taken effect
    • and highlighting upcoming changes
Re-elected Council Members will find that completing the newly updated Council Member Essentials courses will provide a useful refresher and bring them up to date on the current legislative provisions whilst reinforcing previous learnings. 

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The Local Government Act 1995 has undergone a continuous reform since 2019. All Council Member Essentials modules have been reviewed to incorporate the latest legislative reform updates and will highlight any expected changes. 


Each participant is required to complete a quiz/assessment at the end of each module. Depending on the delivery methodology and the learner preference or need, assessments are completed on WALGA's eLearning hub (Moodle) or are paper based. When choosing Face-to-Face training, assessments are completed at the end of the day. eLearners will complete their assessment at the end of the module. 

Please note: WALGA must report individual training and assessment activities to the State Government. After completing each module and successfully undertaking the assessment, a Certificate of Achievement will be issued.

Flexible Training

Our aim is to deliver member centric services. Training is offered in a range of flexible delivery solutions to suit metropolitan, regional and remote locations. This includes:  CME-table.png
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