CME - Module 3: Serving on Council

eLearning Course Overview

  • This comprehensive 2 day course is specifically developed to address the unique skills and knowledge required by Elected Members and will develop the knowledge and skills required to effectively serve on Council.
  • Building on the information from the first few modules, this course delves deeper into what is involved in serving your community in a Local Government environment and performing as a competent and capable team member on Council.
  • It recognises both internal and external influences on Elected Members, how to develop and maintain strategic relationships, the necessity to perform your role in a due diligence framework and how to contribute effectively to high level strategic decision making.
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Target Audience

  • A necessary course for newly Elected Members.
  • Recommended for returning Elected Members to refresh and update their knowledge and understanding of their role within Local Government.
CME - Module 3: Serving on Council

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand and apply legislation and regulations within which Councils must operate;
  • Identify the role of Elected Members and senior management in leading and supporting their communities;
  • Recognise expectations on Councillors to act in a ‘Board-like’ manner as the governing body;
  • Apply processes involved in contributing successfully to Council and committee meetings; and
  • Implement ethical decision making.

Dates & Fees

  • eLearning (enrol anytime, to complete within 3 months from date of enrolment).
  • eLearning - $450.00 (plus GST)
  • Up to 50 participants for 12 months via an eLearning Subscription.

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