State Budget 2024-25

State Budget 2024-25

The State Government handed down the 2024/25 Budget on May 9 2024.

WALGA is pleased to see funding provided in a number of areas that will support Local Governments to deliver important services to their communities, but disappointed to see key initiatives such as support for bushfire volunteers has been neglected despite a multi-billion dollar surplus.

WALGA will continue to leverage the collective strength and influence of the Local Government sector for the benefit of WA Local Governments and their communities through the imminent launch of our 2024/25 State Election advocacy platform and campaign.

Click below for a full summary of how the 2024/25 State Budget will impact Western Australian Local Governments, based on the initiatives outlined in our State Budget Submission.

state budget

Read our State Budget Submission

WALGA advocates on behalf of the Local Government sector to prioritise initiatives and projects, and secure ongoing funding through budget allocations.

With an on-the-ground presence across the state, WALGA is in a position to articulate economic, social and environmental challenges at a community level and prioritise areas for funding.

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