A lack of housing is a key issue facing WA and is a particular challenge in regional areas of the state. Addressing the barriers to affordable housing has been a priority for the Government for a number of years.


Housing was a key focus of the 2024-25 Budget, with the Government building on its recent investments in this priority area. The Government has invested $3.2 billion in housing since 2021-22.

The Budget delivers $1.1 billion for housing and homelessness, with a focus on delivering social and affordable housing, expanding the construction workforce and increasing housing supply.

The headline announcement is the allocation of an additional $400 million to the Social and Affordable Housing Investment Fund to deliver affordable housing and refurbishments to existing housing. Funding has also been provided for a range of initiatives aimed at addressing the housing shortage, including:

  • $179 million maintenance investment in existing housing;
  • $144 million to deliver new housing projects;
  • $1.2 million to extend the Infrastructure Development Fund for an additional year
    • This assists housing projects to resolve constraints around water, electricity and sewerage infrastructure;
  • $82 million to assist first home buyers;
  • $5 million for incentive payments to encourage owners of vacant homes to list them on the rental market; and
  • $14 million to extend the GROH rent freeze for 12 months.

Regional Local Governments, along with industry and other key stakeholders have long advocated for additional investment in Government Regional Officer Housing (GROH). In the Budget, the GROH Program has been allocated an additional $43.8 million to fund a further 56 GROH dwellings through new builds and spot purchases as well as the purchase of additional land.

To unlock development-ready land in the regions, $34 million has been allocated to Broome, Karratha and Kalgoorlie.

To build the housing required, $84 million has been allocated to boost the construction workforce which includes incentives for construction apprentices, grants and subsidies for employers and further assistance for the Construction Migration Office.

To address homelessness, $92 million is allocated for support services and assistance for the transition into permanent accommodation. The Department of Communities has been allocated $1.3 million for travel, accommodation and vehicles to support a new Statewide Relieving Team for Housing.


WALGA Comment

Addressing housing shortages, including the increasing the supply of social and affordable and GROH remains an urgent priority for local communities across the State.

GROH properties are essential to facilitate the attraction and retention of staff in regional and remote locations, ensuring that they can effectively serve their local communities. Whilst the additional investment in GROH is positive, WALGA encourages greater collaboration and early engagement with Local Governments.

Given the importance of GROH, WALGA considers that the program should be moved into the Housing Supply Unit within the Department of Treasury. WALGA recommends that the parameters of the Program be reviewed to ensure the efficient utilisation of existing GROH properties and that the expansion of the GROH program delivers additional and diverse housing stock where it is most needed.

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