Fees and Charges

Fees and Charges

WALGA acknowledges that the State Budget 2024-25 handed down 9 May 2024 addresses many of the pressures facing the community, containing measures to address the cost-of-living crisis, lack of housing and additional spending on health.


As with previous budgets, the State Government has sought to balance modest increases in fees and charges with the increasing costs to deliver public utilities.

The State Budget contains estimates for a range of State Government regulated tariffs, fees and charges.

The price path for non-contestable electricity tariffs for Unmetered Supply (UMS) has increased from 3.91% in 2023-24 to 6.15% in 2024-25 and Traffic Lighting (W1/W2) has increased from 4.06% in 2023-24 to 6.63% in 2024-25. Street Lighting (Z) in the Horizon Power service area has stayed the same at 5.90% across the forward estimates, whilst Street Lighting (Z) in the South West Interconnected System has seen its price path decrease from 4.80% in 2023-24 to 4.26% in 2024-25.

Key water consumption, wastewater and drainage tariffs for metropolitan and country customers will increase 2.5% in 2024-25.

Households will see a 2.5% increase across most water, electricity and public transport tariffs. These are partly offset by the $400 Household Electricity Credit and free student public transport fares and the Fare Free Sundays program.


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