Economic Development Framework

In 2019, WALGA undertook an extensive research project delving into the pivotal role of Local Government in Economic Development.

This comprehensive initiative resulted in a research paper, exploring the economic development activities of Local Governments, shedding light on the challenges they face. As a result, a strategic framework was crafted to empower Local Governments, providing insights into their roles and the levers at their disposal to support their local economies.

After 2022 and the COVID period, WALGA has updated the Economic Development Framework to not only guide WALGA’s activities but also to offer support to the sector. We aim to empower Local Governments to foster the growth of their local economies and business communities. 

See the updated framework below:

Empower your Local Government with the tools to support your Economic Development initiatives

WALGA has also worked with SGS Economics to develop templates for Business Cases and Economic Development Strategies, tailored to the unique needs of the Local Government sector.

These templates are designed to be easily edited and customised to suit a diverse array of Local Governments. 

The Economic Development Strategy Template

The template includes a standard narrative structure. This addresses all facets of Economic Development Strategies (EDSs) including understanding existing conditions, auditing strengths and weaknesses, establishing a vision and objectives and creating strategies and action plans to achieve Council’s goals. The template is intended to be useful for the full spectrum of local governments in WA, ranging from very small rural and remote municipalities to metropolitan Councils.

Download the Economic Development Strategy Template

The Business Case Template

This template is designed to assist Local Governments – large and small – to advocate more effectively for funding partners, including State and Commonwealth Governments, to support local economic development initiatives

Download the Business Case Template

See also a Cost Benefit Analysis example. 

WA plan for jobs

Review of the WA Plan for Jobs

The Review of the WA Plan for Jobs and the Economic Development Opportunity for Local Government in Western Australia seeks to inform Local Government on how the commitments of the Western Australian Government will impact on Local Government areas. The report also considers how Local Government can both engage with the WA Plan for Jobs programs and projects, as well as reach a position on a local perspective on economic development.  

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