Local Governments in Western Australia play a significant role in emergency management. Both Commonwealth and State Government policy identify Local Government as a key player in community disaster resilience, preparedness and response. Local Government also have statutory obligations for recovery following an emergency affecting their community. 

Local Governments are the closest level of government to their communities and have access to specialised knowledge about the environment and demographic features of their communities.

WALGA works closely with all levels of government and industry groups to ensure Local Governments are represented in emergency management policy matters that affect their communities. Our role is to advocate and make representations on issues of importance to Local Governments by working with our members to lead policy change, prepare useful resources, participate on working and reference groups, advocate with key stakeholders and influence key planning and building legislation and policy changes. 

Emergency Management Advocacy Positions


The sector should be engaged as a partner in policy and legislative reviews that impact Local Government emergency management roles and responsibilities.

Read position 8.1 here.

Local Governments are supported to undertake their emergency management responsibilities by a simple and streamlined State Emergency Management Framework.

Read position 8.2 here.
Sustainable Grant Funding

Local Government should be empowered to discharge their emergency management responsibilities through sustainable grant funding models.

Read position 8.3 here.
Consolidated Act
WALGA advocates for the development of a Consolidated Emergency Services Act to provide a comprehensive and contemporary legislative framework to support the effective delivery of emergency services in Western Australia.

Read position 8.4 here.
Resource Sharing
WALGA supports resource sharing and support for Local Governments to undertake effective and timely response and recovery to emergencies.

Read position 8.5 here.
Lessons Learnt
WALGA advocates for the implementation of a transparent and contemporary assurance framework for emergency management lessons management overseen by the State Emergency Management Committee.

Read position 8.6 here.
Emergency Services Levy
Requests the implementation of the recommendations from the 2017 Economic Regulation Authority (ERA) Review of the Emergency Services Levy, which supported increased transparency and accountability in the administration and distribution of the ESL.

Read position 8.7 here.
Local Government Grants Scheme 

Local Government supports a full, independent review of the LGGS to investigate and analyse how ESL funds are allocated.

Read position 8.8 here.
CESM Program expansion

WALGA advocates for an expansion of the Community Emergency Service Manager (CESM) Program.

Read position 8.9 here.