LGA30120 Certificate III in Local Government - Empower your Team

The Certificate III in Local Government is an ideal opportunity to develop and enhance the capacity of your staff. 

The program covers the skills and knowledge required to perform a wide range of duties in the Local Government sector, including understanding the functions, roles, and diverse services offered by Local Governments in Western Australia. It also reflects on legislative obligations and duties for various roles in the workplace.

Empower Your Local Government

Why choose WALGA’s Certificate III in Local Government?

  • Train new employees:  Offer a customised training program specific to Local Government in WA
  • Upskill employees: Gain comprehensive knowledge of the Local Government legislative framework and bring new skills into the business to increase competitiveness
  • Recruit local talent: Equip your community with skills tailored to Local Government to enhance productivity and effectiveness. 
  • Offer career pathways: Invest in the growth and development of your employees and prevent skills shortages in your Local Government, fostering a culture of success 
  • Government incentives: Local Government can receive Federal and State Government incentive payments when hiring a trainee

Empower your team with the skills and knowledge to excel in Local Government.

This program is perfect for people new to Local Government or Officers who wish to advance their career prospects. Our Nationally Recognised qualification, is specifically tailored to Local Government, and is available as a Traineeship or Fee-for-Service.

Existing Officers seeking career progression (Fee for Service)

Investing in local talent and building your workforces’ skills through a sustainable LG study pathway up to Diploma level will assist your Local Government with developing and retaining a knowledgeable and capable workforce.

This Course is an ideal program for existing officers who can gain a formal qualification, further advance their career and enhance their skills in a Local Government context.

Talk to Our Workplace Trainer

Not sure about the best options to choose from your Local Government?

To learn more information about the Cert III and traineeship, book a discovery call with WALGA Workplace Trainer Christine Taylor.

Certificate III in Local Government (LGA30120)

Nationally recognised training: 

  • The Certificate III in Local Government (LGA30120) is a nationally recognised training program within the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF).
  • The Qualification consists of 12 Units of Competency (UoC), 4 core and 8 elective units.

Training approach:

  • Structured and Supportive: Regular follow-ups and practical assessments.
  • Tailored Learning: Choose the elective stream that best suits your needs.

Pick your elective stream:

The Certificate III offers two elective streams that allowed students to tailor their learning experience. 

  • Option A: Business document processing
  • Option B: Financial payments and accounting

Learn more about the program details and entry requirements.

Additional resources:

Download the Program Brochure 

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