Bicycle Share Schemes

Bicycle share schemes offer many attractive benefits to the local community including promoting cycling as a mode of transport, increasing health, increasing mobility choices particularly for tourists and shorter trips, improving air quality and reducing congestion.  Click here to access the discussion paper.

E-Scooter Share Schemes

In recent years electric scooter shared services, also known as e-scooters, have rapidly expanded across the world. While e-scooter shared services are not suitable for long commutes, they are useful for short trips, provide options for the ‘last mile’, provide links to public transport, and are appealing for recreational use and tourism. WALGA is working with the Department of Transport and Local Governments to review all relevant legislative and regulatory requirements so that these services may be considered in Western Australia.

The discussion paper can be accessed here.

Local Government Cycling Reference Group

The release of the WA Bicycle Network Plan (WABNP) in 2014 (updated in 2017) was important to guide and promote cycling into the future as a viable mode of travel, with the potential to reduce congestion and reliance on motor vehicles. Following consultation with members, WALGA provided input to the WABNP and continues to be involved with its implementation and strategic direction. WALGA also represents the Local Government sector on the assessment panels for the Perth Bicycle Network and Regional Bicycle Network Grants Programs.

WALGA established the Local Government Cycling Reference Group to provide a mechanism for Local Government Officers involved with the design and delivery of cycling infrastructure to work together on agreed objectives to advance cycling for the Local Government sector.

The objectives of the group are to:
  • Identify and make recommendations on strategic and other cycling issues common to the Local Government sector.
  • Provide a sector position for Local Government representation on cycling working groups, committees and relevant forums.

Click here to view the Local Government Cycling Reference Group Action Plan.

Summaries of Minutes can be accessed at the following links:

WA Bicycle Network

The WA Bicycle Network Plan Implementation Group have launched a communique to provide stakeholders information regarding items considered by the committee and updates on the actions from the WA Bicycle Network Plan 2014-2031.

This first newsletter details the progress of the major actions in the Plan including:

  • PSP Expansion
  • WA Bicycle Network Plan review
  • Regional and Perth Bicycle Network Grants Program
  • Safe Active Streets update (Bicycle Boulevards)

The communique can be viewed here.

For more information email the Department of Transport or call 6551 6000.