WALGA's Infrastructure team plays a crucial role in supporting WA Local Governments in addressing roads and transport-related issues. Through advocacy, policy development, capacity building, and research, we aim to enhance the infrastructure landscape for the benefit of communities across the state.

WALGA Infrastructure Support

How WALGA supports better outcomes for WA Local Governments 

Our dedicated Infrastructure team comprises experts in various fields related to transport, roads, and infrastructure management. With a focus on collaboration and innovation, we work alongside Local Governments to address challenges, develop solutions, and advocate for necessary reforms.


How WALGA supports better outcomes for WA Local Governments

  • Advocacy and Legislative Reform: We advocate for adequate funding, resources, and legislative reforms from Federal and State Governments to address infrastructure needs effectively. Our team develops representative sector policy positions, agreements, and plans, ensuring the voices of Local Governments are heard and considered.
  • Capacity Building and Support: We strengthen capacity within Local Governments by providing workshops, forums, training, and guidance on technical issues related to infrastructure management. Through our support of regional road groups and advisory committees, we empower Local Governments to make informed decisions and implement best practices.
  • Research and Guidance: Our team conducts research and provides guidance on a range of technical issues, including road design, asset management, road safety, and sustainable infrastructure practices. We produce reports and resources to assist Local Governments in making informed decisions and managing infrastructure assets effectively.
  • Road Safety Initiatives: WALGA's RoadWise Program, founded in 1994, is dedicated to promoting road safety within Local Governments and communities across Western Australia. Through research, project management, and advocacy, we work to reduce road accidents and improve traffic management practices.
  • Asset Management: We are committed to encouraging sound asset management practices and supporting better investment decision-making across Western Australia. Through initiatives focused on sustainable asset management and community infrastructure funding, we aim to optimize the use of resources and enhance the longevity of infrastructure assets.

Our Policy Areas


WALGA produces and/or maintains various guidelines to support Local Government in the design, construction, and maintenance of roads and associated infrastructure.


WALGA produces resources and guidelines and advocates on behalf of Local Governments across the transport portfolio.

Road Safety

WALGA’s RoadWise aims to proactively engage, motivate and support Local Governments in the WA road safety strategy.


WALGA produces diverse reports and publications across the Local Government transport portfolio with a focus on building Local Government capacity and providing expert advice on specific issues.


WALGA has preparted manuals outlining State Road Funds, Disaster Recovery Funds and Federal financial support.

Regional Road Groups

There are 10 Regional Road Groups (RRG) in WA, established under the State Road Funds to Local Government Agreement, which is overseen by a State Advisory Committee (SAC). 

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