Road Safety


WALGA’s RoadWise, through the RoadWise Councils initiative, aims to proactively engage, motivate and support Local Governments in adopting and applying policies and practices that make an effective and sustainable contribution to the achievement of the objectives and targets of the WA road safety strategy.

Local Governments as road managers, planning authorities, community leaders, fleet managers and employers will be supported by WALGA’s road safety staff to embed the systems thinking to road safety action.

A team of regional and metropolitan based Road Safety Advisors support RoadWise Councils to achieve this by:

  • providing direct assistance and support (services and products),
  • applying the safe systems approach within the Local Government context,
  • building capacity and capability,
  • recognising and showcasing road safety achievements, and
  • facilitating opportunities for leadership in local road safety.

Local Governments that are not currently registered as a RoadWise Council will have access to WALGA’s road safety information and resources through the RoadWise website and general WALGA communications. WALGA will also provide road safety representation, policy and advocacy on behalf of the Local Government sector.

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Austroads - Local Government Road Safety Management Guidance

Crashes on Local Government managed roads are different in nature and spatial distribution than on State roads. Local Government roads typically have lower traffic volumes, more dispersed crashes, a wider variety of road environments and a greater mix of road users, all of which make managing road safety on local roads an especially challenging task. The challenge facing Local Governments prompted Austroads to develop and publish “Local Government Road Safety Management Guidance.”

This guidance is designed to provide contemporary best practice methods on the development and implementation of road safety management frameworks suitable for use in a Local Government context. The guidance introduces functions necessary for the implementation of a road safety management system and describes key principles such as strategic partnerships, shared responsibilities, capacity building, program development and delivery funding. 

Download the publication

Driving Change - WA Road Safety Strategy 2020-2030

The Driving Change – Road Safety Strategy 2020-2030 provides a vision and framework for reducing death and serious injury on roads in WA. The framework identifies a goal of reducing the number of people fatally, severely or seriously injured on WA roads by 50-70% by 2030 and to zero by 2050.

Local Government Speed Enforcement Program Guidelines

The Local Government Speed Enforcement Program enables Local Governments in the Perth Metropolitan to provide the WA Police Force with vehicle travel speed data for local roads on which speeding is identified as a significant problem. The WA Police analyse the data to inform their road policing strategies. The aim of the Program is to provide Local Governments with a meaningful option to combat speeding and make local roads safer for all road users and the community. Guidelines for the program contain the protocols for Local Government to present vehicle travel speed data to the WA Police Force.

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