WALGA has partnered with the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) to deliver a small grants program to build resilience to the impact of emergencies on animal welfare through capacity building activities in WA Local Government areas.

The Animal Welfare in Emergencies Grants for Local Government program aims to support the  State Support Plan - Animal Welfare in Emergencies . The Plan clarifies the roles and responsibilities of animal welfare services to prepare, respond and recover from hazards, and provides a framework for coordination between different organisations and communities.  

The Animal Welfare in Emergencies Grants for Local Government will:
  • identify and support projects that focus on capacity building activities with clear community benefit
  • foster partnerships between communities, Local Governments and regional stakeholders to promote activities that help in the preparation for, and response to, the impacts of emergency situations on animal welfare, and
  • generate and share lessons on best practice approaches to building the capacity of Local Governments and their communities to manage animal welfare during emergencies.


A total of $500,000 is available for Local Governments across Western Australia. Successful applicants’ projects can receive up to:
  • $5000 - $10,000 (ex GST) for individual Local Governments
  • $5000 per Local Government in a collaborative grant between multiple WA Local Governments -i.e. a collaboration of 5 Local Governments=a maximum Grant allocation of $25,000 (ex GST). 

Key Dates

Applications close: 5:00pm, Monday, 31 August
Funding allocations to Local Government
: Wednesday, 30 September
Work undertaken by grant recipients
: Thursday,  1 October - Monday, 31 May 2021
Project completed and final report submitted by: Wednesday, 30 June 2021

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to apply for an Animal Welfare in Emergencies grant applicants must meet the following criteria:
  • applicants must be a Local Government in Western Australia
  • applicants must demonstrate a financial or in-kind contribution to the project
  • applicants must contribute to the project according to their Local Government Band Allocation:
    • Band 1 & 2 Local Governments* must demonstrate a 50% (Grant) to 50% (Local Government) contribution to the project
    • Band 3 & 4 Local Governments* must demonstrate a 75% (Grant) to 25% (Local Government) contribution to the project
    • a collaborative application must demonstrate a 75% (Grant) to 25% (Local Government) contribution. In a collaborative grant the contribution can be split across involved Local Governments or provided be a single Local Government within the collaboration
  • applicants must demonstrate that their project activities relates to emergencies, covers more than a single emergency event, and that all aspects of the project proposal relate to new or additional activities and outcomes.
*Local Government Band Allocations can be viewed here


For full details about the 2020 grants, including the assessment criteria and other necessary information, read the guidelines here. The template project budget can be accessed here.


Please read the Animal Welfare in Emergencies Grants for Local Government Guidelines before you apply.

Applications will be submitted and managed online through Survey Monkey. Applications open at 9:00am on Monday, 3 August and close at 5:00pm Monday, 31 August.

To apply, click here .
A pdf of the application form can be accessed here . This can be printed out for your reference. All applications must be filled out through the application link above to be considered.


Case Studies

The following case studies provide examples of some of the projects that grant funding could be used for.


Further Information

Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development-Animal Welfare in Emergencies
Local Plan for Animal Welfare in Emergencies - Guide and Template 
Tools and Helpful links

State Emergency Management Committee 
State Support Plan - Animal Welfare in Emergencies


WALGA and DPIRD Animal Welfare in Emergencies Grant Program Webinar

WALGA will host an hour-long webinar on Thursday,  13 August at 10:00am, to provide further information and guidance about the grants program.

Register for the webinar.