Planning and Building

Planning and Building

Efficient, effective and equitable planning and building systems contribute to the development of safe, healthy and vibrant communities. 

Local Governments play a critical role in this process by preparing and implementing local planning strategies, assessing planning and building applications, and ensuring compliance with relevant policies and legislation. 

WALGA collaborates closely with all levels of government and industry groups to advocate for Local Governments in planning and building policy matters, aiming to represent their communities effectively.

WALGA Planning and Building Support

Our team at WALGA is dedicated to supporting and advocating for Local Governments in planning and building functions. With a wealth of expertise and a commitment to service, we work tirelessly to empower Local Governments to meet the needs and expectations of their communities in planning and building processes.


How WALGA supports better outcomes for WA Local Governments

  • Advocacy and Representation: WALGA advocates for Local Governments in planning and building policy matters, striving to ensure their voices are heard and their interests are represented effectively. Through policy change, resource preparation, and stakeholder engagement, we seek to influence key legislation and policy changes that impact communities.
  • Support Services: We provide a range of support services to assist Local Governments in planning and building functions, including performance monitoring projects, analysis of development assessment panel decisions, and access to reference groups and officer resources. These resources aim to enhance the capacity of Local Government professionals and improve decision-making processes.
  • Community Engagement: Fundamental to our work is the belief that Local Government is best placed to lead and influence local planning and building processes according to the needs and expectations of their communities. We support Local Governments in engaging with their communities effectively, fostering transparency, trust, and collaboration in the planning and building process.

Our Policy Areas


WALGA supports the planning and building functions of Local Governments by providing access to resources.

Committees and Reference Groups

The WALGA Planning and Building team coordinate a number of forums, reference groups and committees with our members. These working groups allow us to be responsive to the needs of our members on a range of contemporary issues in planning and building.

The Urban Forest Working Group was established by WALGA in 2019 and currently has more than 60 members presenting 32 Local Governments across planning, sustainability/environment and parks/gardens. The Urban Forest Working Group is jointly coordinated by WALGA's Planning and Environment teams, acting as a community of practice that undertakes projects against the Working Group's agreed priorities. 

WALGA and the Urban Forest Working Group also deliver an urban forest conference to showcase latest research, significant policy changes, best practice examples, build networks and keep canopy loss on the agenda. Valuing Canopy: An Urban Forest Conference was held in February 2023. 

The Building Surveyors Working Groups are a regular forum of metropolitan and regionally based Local Government officers who meet to discuss and resolve common issues related to implementation of the Building Act. 

This forum was established in 2021 to help Local Governments advance community strategic objectives related to environmentally sustainable design in the built environment. The forum holds regular workshops, prepares resources to support Local Governments and influence policy, and is guided by a committee of representatives from Local Government, WALGA's Planning and Building team, and WALGA's Environment team. 

This forum was established in 2017 to support Local Governments officers with coastal hazard risk management and adaptation planning (CHRMAP) responsibilities, outlined in State Planning Policy 2.6: State Coastal Planning Policy. The forum meets regularly to discuss and resolve common challenges, influence policy, and prepare resources to support the implementation of coastal hazard management plans. The forum is jointly coordinated by WALGA’s Planning and Building Team and WALGA’s Environment Team.

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