Regional Aviation Policy

Many Local Governments own or operate airports and airstrips. Maintaining this infrastructure requires significant resources and State and Commonwealth Government aviation policy can have a significant effect on the operations of these facilities.

Key issues in this area include improving regular public transport service levels to regional communities; maintaining reasonable air fares to regional and remote communities; encouraging industry to make use of Local Government aviation infrastructure whenever feasible; and the costs imposed by security requirements.


Community members look to Government, including Local Governments, to address noise and privacy concerns associated with the use of drones.

Drones are regulated under Federal Government aviation legislation. The Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 and State Surveillance Devices Act 1998 regulate aspects of drone use. Local Governments have limited powers to regulate the use of drones except on lands under Local Government control. WALGA represents Local Government at the WA Drones Reference Group, chaired by the Department of Transport, which informs WA State Government input to Federal drones policy-making processes and participates in workshops held by the Federal Government, to ensure WA Local Government perspectives on drones are heard.

Drones offer potential opportunities in a wide range of Local Government operations including surveying, inspection of difficult to access infrastructure such as bridges and roofs, as well as management of natural areas.

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