Report on Local Government Assets and Expenditure

The annual Local Government Road Asset and Expenditure Report provides a comprehensive analysis of the investment on WA roads. The report is also a supporting document, useful in inter-governmental negotiations on the allocation of road funds. It is therefore important that we continue to collect and analyse data on Local Government road assets to further strengthen these negotiations.

To collect the data, WALGA writes to all Local Governments to seek their cooperation in providing road expenditure information for the financial year. The Association then provides estimates of Replacement Value, Written Down Value and Status Quo Cost. Local Governments then amend or accept those estimates and provide further information about the costs of maintaining, renewing, upgrading and expanding their roads. They also provide information on the funds spent from road grants, their own resources or private contributions.


WALGA has prepared an interactive data dashboard that provides an enhanced capacity for Local Governments to customise and interrogate some of the data sets. This initial offering includes the following data sets:

  • Share of road types by length
  • Source of roads funding
  • Type of expenditure.

View the dashboard

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