Governance and Procurement

Governance and Procurement

WALGA offers comprehensive Governance and Procurement services tailored to support the operational efficiency and excellence of WA Local Governments. 

Through expert advice, resources, and support, we aim to empower Member Local Governments, Elected Members, and Officers with the tools they need to navigate governance and procurement challenges effectively.

WALGA Governance and Procurement Support

Led by a team of experienced professionals, our Governance and Organisational Services division is dedicated to providing invaluable guidance and support to our Members. With a focus on excellence and integrity, we work collaboratively to ensure that Local Governments receive the highest level of assistance in matters pertaining to governance and procurement.


How WALGA supports better outcomes for WA Local Governments

  • Governance Advisory Service: Our Governance Advisory Service offers guidance on matters related to the Local Government Act, Regulations, and governance best practices. 
  • Governance Tools and Templates: WALGA provides a range of governance tools and templates to assist Members in their operations. These resources are designed to streamline processes and enhance governance practices across the sector.
  • Procurement Services: Our Procurement Services offer a range of advice and support to WALGA Members. From procurement toolkits to social procurement initiatives, we strive to facilitate best practices and networking opportunities in procurement.

Through these initiatives, WALGA endeavours to strengthen governance practices, facilitate efficient procurement processes, and ultimately deliver better outcomes for WA Local Governments and their communities.

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Advice and Support

Contact the WALGA Governance and Procurement team for advice to support you and your Local Government.

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