The Local Government Transport & Roads Research & Innovation Program (LG TRRIP) was created in response to a need for research to be targeted for the Local Government audience. 

Bridgetown-Catterick Road Bridge 


WALGA identified the need for research that is more accessible and easier to reference by decision makers and practitioners within Local Government. Often, research is presented with references to many other documents, standards and processes but doesn’t provide the answers for those who need them.

How does this program support Local Government?

Local Government practitioners need practical answers to current issues, trends and requirements that may arise from changes to standards, legislation, and road users are presenting them with. Having reference material that streamlines and speeds up the search for solutions improves outcomes for everyone.


As an ad hoc program the following approach has been taken:
• project topics have been identified and shortlisted
• experts have been approached to scope up research that provides practical solutions, and
• WARRIP administers the projects ensuring the projects are delivered on time and on budget.

Albany Stirling Terrace upgrade


Three projects have been completed this year:
1. Low-cost road safety improvements for rural Local Government roads in WA
2. Considerations for Sealing Local Government Roads in WA, and
3. Sustainable road construction practices for Local Government roads in WA

Summaries of each project can be found below. 
For full reports, visit LG TRRIP | WARRIP.

Project Summaries