The video below is a recording of the Webinar that ran on Thursday, 21 August 2020.

It focused on the role of Councillors prescribed in s.2.10 of the Act is a two way obligation requiring Elected Members to:

  • Elected Member obligations when communicating
  • the difference between speaking on behalf of the Council, and engaging as a representative of your community
  • prohibitions and potential consequences of using language that results in ‘adverse reflection’
  • the concept of ‘qualified privilege’ and why it this is important to understand so that you are protected from liability, and
  • the clear benefits and obvious pitfalls of modern social media.

This webinar was presented by James McGovern (Manager Governance) and co-presented by Felicity Morris (Governance Advisor) and Tony Brown (Executive Manager, Governance and Organisational Services).

Video Recording

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Video Download

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Presentation Download

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Question and Answer Session

The following are a range of questions asked during and after the Commuications webinar held by WALGA on Thursday, 21 August 2020:

Questions and answers can be downloaded: here