WALGA hosted a Procurement and Environment Forum on Electric Vehicles and Hydrogen Technology, held as a two part webinar series on 31 March and 13 April 2022.  Over 130 registrants from Local Governments and regional alliances attended.

Key points from the forum include:
  • Electric vehicles and the emerging green hydrogen industry both play an important role in enabling Local Governments to transition to zero emissions transport
  • Smart charging and grid integration allows bi-directional energy flow so that EVs can be used as an energy source for buildings or provide back up power supply
  • Green hydrogen is expected to become a more mainstream fuel over the next 5-10 years, with a shift towards applications for transportation and stationary power
  • There is increasing local production of green hydrogen by industry and potentially also Local Government
  • Use of green hydrogen is currently targeted at heavy vehicles such as waste collection trucks and regional freight, while future applications will increasingly include light and commercial vehicles.
Presentations from the webinars can be found below: