WALGA hosted a series of three webinars on Managing Bushfire Risk in a Changing Climate in October 2020. 

The webinars aimed to strengthen Local Governments' ability to prepare for, mitigate and recover from the impacts of bushfires by focusing on mechanisms to reduce risk. 

Webinar 1 Preparedness - Policy and Planning, focused on the governance arrangements, policy and programs at the State level to manage bushfire risk, and provided Local Government case studies on creating a sense of shared responsibility to empower communities to address bushfire risk.  Webinar 2 Mitigation, focused on the regulatory requirements of prescribed burns, Local Government fuel hazard reduction programs, and use of Aboriginal traditional burning practices.  Webinar 3 Recovery, focused on building community and organisational resilience, supporting animal welfare and rescue, and embedding emergency management processes more formally into Local Government operations.

The presentations can be found below: