Local Governments have an important role in managing native vegetation and biodiversity due to their role as decision-makers and land managers. 
WALGA applied for, and has received funding, from the State Natural Resource Management (NRM) Program, for the Local Government Biodiversity and Native Vegetation Management Project (the Project). The Project will operate between March 2023 and December 2024, delivering a range of resources, including a roadside vegetation management e-training module and funding to Local Governments via a devolved grants program. 
Devolved grants
One-off grant funding and technical assistance is available to support Local Governments in the South West of Western Australia, an internationally recognised biodiversity hotspot. 

Eligible Local Governments are invited to apply for one or two of the following types of projects:
  1. Ecological assessments of Local Government managed natural areas
  2. Development of a Local Biodiversity Strategy
  3. Development and adoption of local planning policy on native vegetation and biodiversity.

Funding Guidelines outline the eligible activities for each type of projects, including the assessment criteria, funding conditions and types of WALGA support to applicants. Before applying, read the Funding Guidelines, available here.

To request funding, download and complete the Application Form and return by 5pm Friday 21 July 2023.

As part of this project new Local Government resources are coming soon, including the updated Local Government Biodiversity Planning Guidelines and Natural Area Initial Assessment Templates. 

For more information, please contact Renata Zelinova, Project Officer, Local Biodiversity and Native Vegetation Management or email environment@walga.asn.au
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