Local Government plays a central role in the planning, design, management and delivery of crime prevention programs and policies in partnership with the local community and WA Police.

Many Local Governments have crime prevention and community safety plans, which guide local responses to reduce crime and other anti-social activity. In designing and planning these, Local Governments work with Police and other partners such as schools, housing authorities youth services to ensure community safety and well-being.  

Local Governments are also involved in graffiti removal, CCTV infrastructure investment and maintenance, and safety programs like Neighbourhood Watch.

State CCTV Register 'Cam-Map WA'

Cam-Map is the State Government's CCTV register, an integrated network of public and private CCTV cameras. Cam-Map WA replaces the former 'Blue Iris' system which is now defunct. The comprehensive database of CCTV cameras monitoring public spaces gives police a technological edge when investigating serious crime, because the register acts as a virtual map of CCTV camera locations. The collection, use and storage of CCTV images and footage from the register will be governed by strict guidelines and procedures to ensure it is only used for its intended purpose. Local Governments are encouraged to register their systems with Cam-Map WA to improve community safety across WA. Register here.

State Graffiti Vandalism Strategy 2019-2021

The State Graffiti Taskforce has developed a guiding document for the delivery of graffiti management across the state. The vision of the Strategy is to reduce graffiti vandalism to contribute to Western Australians feeling safe living in their communities. The vision will be achieved through the following three goals:

  1. promote partnerships
  2. reporting and removing graffiti vandalism, and
  3. prevention of and policing graffiti vandalism.

A copy of the State Graffiti Vandalism Strategy is available here.

Local Government Community Safety Network (LGCSN)

The purpose of the Local Government Community Safety Network (LGCSN) is to support and assist Local Governments, the WA Police and stakeholders to effectively support and work together to address safety and crime prevention issues in the community. WALGA is a representative on this group on behalf of Local Governments. If you would like to express interest in joining the network please email community@walga.asn.au.

Youth Engagement Forum March 2023

The Local Government Community Safety Network are hosting a FREE Local Government Youth Engagement Forum on Wednesday, 29 March, 9:30-1:00pm at the City of Melville and online. 

The event will showcase examples of stakeholders working together to create engaging programs, building strategic partnerships, and successfully diverting young people from crime and anti-social behaviour.

Register to attend in person here
Register to attend online here

Local Government Community Safety Network Digital Forum - August 2020

The Local Government Community Safety Network Digital Forum was hosted by the City of Melville on Thursday, 27 August 2020. The Program is available here.

The presentations from the Forum are available here:

Local Government Community Safety Network - Family and Domestic Violence - May 2021

WALGA and the Local Government Community Safety Network hosted a spotlight event on Family and Domestic Violence on Tuesday, 18 May 2021. The Program is available here

The presentations from the event are available here:

Bite-Size Webinar Series 2022

Webinar 1: Mental Health and Local Government

WALGA and the Local Government Community Safety Network hosted a series of presenters from the South Metropolitan Community Health Services, Mental Health Commission, Western Australian Primary Health Alliance and Local Government representatives from the City of Rockingham and the City of Mandurah, to discuss how Local Governments can partner to support place based initaitives. 

Copies of the presentations are available here:
Collaborative Approaches to Suicide Prevention
City of Mandurah_Youth Mental Health Initiatives
Partnering to Strengthen Local Responses 

Webinar 2: Building Support in Preventing Violence

Injury Matters and the Local Government Community Safety Network hosted presentations from Preventing Violence Together and WA Branch Local Government Womens Association to highlight the important roles Local Government can play in primary prevention. 
Presentations are available here:
Advancing Primary Prevention and Local Government Advocacy

OurWATCh Webinars 

  1. Leading the primary prevention of violence against women in Local Government, and
  2. Councils and Communities: Local governments supporting the prevention of violence against women
For more information contact the WALGA Resilient Communities Team.