Public Health

Local Governments are active in the public health space through their services, infrastructure and roles relating to community wellbeing and welfare such as building inspections, animal control and food outlet licensing. 

From 4 June 2024, Stage 5 of the Public Health Act  2016 will be implemented through several phases. As part of the Stage 5 implementation, Local Governments are required to prepare local public health plans within 24 months. Local public health plans are required to be consistent with the State public health plan whilst responding to local public health risks and emerging issues such as vaping.

WALGA uses its membership of the State Government Public Health Planning Reference Group to advocate for Local Government member issues relating to the implementation of Stage 5. We engage with regional Local Government Health Service Networks and facilitates connection between Local and State Governments on key local issues.


The State Public Health Plan for Western Australia 2019-2024 provides high level strategic directions focusing on prevention, health promotion and health protection strategies that aim to prevent disease, illness, injury, disability and premature death in Western Australia.

Further support and advice on Local Government Public Health Plans and the Stage 5 requirements are outlined in the Stage 5 information sheet and the Government for Western Australia website.

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