Public Libraries

Public libraries provide community benefits well beyond the provision of books. The modern public library is an important community hub, promoting social cohesion, wellbeing, and information accessible to all. 

Public library services in WA are delivered through a partnership between the State Government and Local Governments. Local Governments provide library infrastructure, including buildings and technology, staff, and operating costs, while the Library Board, through the State Library of Western Australia, allocates funds for public library stock including books and e-resources.

Public Libraries Working Group

WALGA is a signatory to the Local Government Partnership Agreement for the Provision of Public Library Services in Western Australia (the Agreement) and a member of the Public Libraries Working Group (PLWG) providing advice on implementation of key strategies. 

The PLWG Minutes and all relative information are available on the SLWA Website. WALGA is tasked with delivering actions in the WA Public Library Strategy 2022-2026.


The role of public libraries is continually evolving and reaches far beyond the provision of books to essentials services that respond to community need.  WALGA's 2024-25 State Budget Submission calls on the State Government to ensure the sustainable funding of public libraries to deliver service levels that meet community need, and to support the implementation of the WA Public Library Strategy 2022-2026.

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Join the Local Government Public Library Network Group

The Local Government Public Library Network Group brings together stakeholders with an interest in public libraries to share advice and learnings, offer support and encouragement, explore opportunities for partnership and collaboration between Local Governments, disseminate information and coordinate meetings and events.

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