Compliance, Evaluation and Contract Award

Tuesday, 25 June, 2024
9:00am - 4:30pm
Virtual classroom via Zoom

$580.00 (plus GST)

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This practitioner level course provides the knowledge, skills and practices required to undertake this phase of the procurement life cycle. Topics covered will ensure you can develop an evaluation strategy and use it to recommend a quote or preferred tenderer.

It will also cover different evaluation and scoring methodologies appropriate to different types of procurement activities, how the weighting of criteria can impact the recommendation, different contract establishment processes, and the parameters on how and when negotiation can occur before entering into a contract.

The knowledge and skills provided in this course are tailored to the Local Government legislative and policy environment. It’s therefore essential that you review your Local Government’s respective policies and procedures, in particular your Purchasing Policy and Delegations Register, in conjunction with the learning material provided.

Target Audience

Local Government Officers involved in a procurement activity, especially those involved in determining selection criteria and evaluation, developing a performance management regime and contract management.

Recommended pre-requisites:

  • Procurement & Contract Essentials;
  • Procurement Planning and Risk Management course; and/or
  • Some practitioner procurement experience.

Valuable as a precursor to the:

  • Contract Administration and Management course.
  • Any of the Specification Writing courses.

Learning Outcomes

  • Develop an overarching evaluation strategy for the request process inclusive of the evaluation plan, probity requirements, communication strategy, procurement schedule/milestones and approval requirements;
  • Establish an evaluation panel appropriate to the needs and value of the procurement activity;
  • Develop a procurement compliance checklist for request assessment and reference in the evaluation process;
  • Develop a register to identify and manage clarifications, issues, and possible negotiation areas (consistent with Regulations);
  • Develop and issue recommendation(s) for contract award;
  • Identify and understand the key elements that form a contract;
  • Where to get help and assistance.

Course Transfer and Cancellation Policy

All transfer or cancellation requests must be made via our request form.

Please refer to the WALGA Terms and Conditions of Enrolment for further conditions including COVID-19, On-Site training and course cancellations. 

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