WALGA's Community Industry Reference Group has been established to provide overarching strategic direction and guidance to the community services functions in Local Government, to improve the delivery of community programs and services to local communities, and to strengthen WALGA’s whole of sector advocacy efforts.

The formation of the Community Industry Reference Group was endorsed by WALGA State Council in May 2019. The group consists of Local Government Directors and Managers in the field of community development.  

The Community Industry Reference Group will:

  • improve coordination and oversight of key issues relating to communities
  • ​increase understanding of roles and responsibilities of Local Government in regard to the delivery of services to community that reflect legislation and compliance together with social responsibilities to meet the needs of community
  • strengthen relationships and partnerships between State and Local Government
  • ​achieve greater consistency of information being provided that further defines best practice for implementation of State and Local Government resources, reduces duplication and minimises service gaps
  • influence the review of State Government programs and related grants and budgets to ensure they reflect and incorporate Local Government, and
  • ​assist and support WALGA State Councillors and WALGA Policy Team members with prioritisation of workflow and the increasing workload of submissions and other agenda items.
The Terms of Reference is available here.



The membership of the group includes:
  • Anne Banks-McAllister - City of Perth
  • Mark Bishop - City of Swan
  • Gail Bowman - City of Cockburn
  • Michael Holland - City of Rockingham
  • Natalie Martin-Goode - Town of Victoria Park
  • Rebekah Milnes - City of Armadale
  • Arron Minchin - City of Karratha
  • Helen Sarcich - Shire of Serpentine-Jarrahdale
  • Debbie Terelinck - City of Wanneroo
  • Jude Thomas - City of Joondalup
  • Christine Young - City of Melville
For more information on the membership click here.


Minutes - July 2019
Minutes - November 2019