Commodity Route Supplementary Fund Applications

The State Road Funds to Local Government Agreement makes provision for an annual amount of $2.5 million for a Commodity Route Supplementary Fund (CRSF). Applications for the CRSF program are prioritised by the Technical Review Group and the resulting program endorsed by the State Road Funds to Local Government Advisory Committee. Final approval is subject to the State budget.


Natural Disaster Recovery

Financial support from Federal and State Governments is critical to enable Local Governments to restore public assets following natural disasters such as floods, cyclones and bushfires.  The Federal Government will implement new funding arrangements for all natural disasters from 1 November 2018.  The details are available here

The Western Australian Government is currently developing the systems, processes, guidelines, templates and supporting information to facilitate implementation of these new Disaster Recovery Funding  Arrangements (DRFA – WA).

A series of updates for Local Governments are being regularly released and are available here.

State Road Funds to Local Government Agreement

The State Road Funds to Local Government Agreement provides an allocation of funds to Local Governments in WA. The fund amount is based on a percentage of the vehicle licence fee revenue incorporated in annual funding appropriations by the State Government to Main Roads Western Australia.
The Agreement guarantees a level of funding that Local Government can use to plan for the future, determine project priorities so that funds made available are allocated to projects and works of the highest priority, resulting in funding provided being used in the most effective and efficient manner possible.
For more information on the local road network, visit Main Roads WA .


SAC Agendas and Minutes

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