Tidy Up

Tidy Up
Tidy Up is a local WA, family-owned rubbish removal and recycling business, equipped with the latest resources and equipment to move small or large volumes of material in a very short period of time. Their highly trained, professional team is capable of catering to most demands where rubbish and recyclables need to be removed quickly and efficiently. A skip bin is neither required nor supplied. Typically, their clients either need labour to be provided, or they don’t have the space for a bin. Or both! Team Tidy uses 8m3 purpose-built tipper trucks and they load almost anything, either by hand or by using a multi-purpose tele-handler. The material is then transported to the appropriate disposal facility. Tidy Up places a massive emphasis on avoiding landfill at every opportunity, by recycling, upcycling, on-selling or donating as much as possible from their Cockburn Central depot and salvage store.
Loading and removal of:
  • General rubbish 
  • Green Waste
  • Cardboard & paper
  • Styrofoam
  •  Plastic PP and soft
  •  Metal (ferrous & non-ferrous)
  •  Pine timber
  •  Contaminated/mixed timber
  •  Electronic Waste
  •  Glass
  •  Tyres
  •  Mattresses
  •  Textiles
Tidy up services all the areas on this list as part of their metro service area. Regional areas within 400km of the Perth CBD can also be serviced.

Preferred Supplier Contracts

Company Contact

Tony Berry
Business Development Manager

6397 7532

0412 770 936


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