WALGA’s Preferred Supplier Program offers several benefits to suppliers. In addition to facilitating direct access by Local Governments to contracted goods and services in a streamlined and cost-effective way, it also offers:
WALGA’s Endorsement - as a Preferred Supplier to for the local government sector. This status carries an assurance of high quality, optimal value and full regulatory compliance. The Preferred Supplier logo can be utilised by Preferred Suppliers and is available for download on this portal.
Streamlined Procurement – faster and easier to sell any value of goods and services to Local Government. The Preferred Supplier program is a tender exempt option for Local Government meaning suppliers do not have to respond to individual tenders to do business with Local Government. This shortens timeframes, frees up resources and results in cost and time savings.
Dedicated Contract Management – suppliers deal directly with WALGA in relation to all contract management issues.
WALGA’s Quotation Platform – access to this platform offers a streamlined and effective online quotation process that assists with purchasing goods and services from WALGA Panels. It also stores price lists, certificates on insurance and marketing materials that is accessible and visible to Local Government buyers.
Networking – access to a range of Local Government events (including the annual Local Government Convention) and a number of other networking opportunities.
Compliance – with Local Government Purchasing regulations and probity requirements.
If you are interested in registering your company in the WALGA database for notification of upcoming tenders.
Keep updated with our current WALGA Tenders. 
To find out more, contact the WALGA Preferred Supplier Team via preferredsupplier@walga.asn.au