Local Governments actively contribute to the effective management of waste within their communities. They oversee essential functions such as household waste collection, recycling services, the operation of waste facilities, and the implementation of education and awareness programs.

With their profound influence and extensive expertise, the WALGA waste team spearheads both policy and projects addressing a broad spectrum of waste management issues. At the forefront of this initiative is WasteNet. The team has also developed a number of waste management and recycling policy statements that are available on WasteNet, including HHW, education, data and information management, consultation and communication, container deposit systems and more. 

What's on WasteNet

WasteNet is managed by the Municipal Waste Advisory Council, a WALGA standing committee with delegated authority to represent the Association in all matters relating to solid waste management.

  • policy statements, submissions, and discussion papers
  • projects and programs administered by WALGA
  • information about State and Federal Legislation, regulation, and policy
  • activities relating to different waste streams
  • current and previous editions of WasteNews, and 
  • links to the websites of other agencies working in waste management.

Key projects and programs include:

  • Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) program
  • behaviour change – bin tagging
  • encouraging use of construction and demolition materials in fit for purpose applications
  • encouraging the use of Local Government sourced organics
  • Better Practice Guide for verge collections, and
  • improving the consideration of waste management in the planning system.

In addition to the above key projects and programs, the waste team is also working on the below upcoming projects which include:

  • guidance for planning, siting, operating and closure of small rural landfills
  • Better Practice Guide for CCTV use to reduce illegal dumping, and
  • Better Practice Guide for reuse shops.

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WasteNet is a source of information for Local Government Waste teams, dedicated to providing useful resources on waste and recycling.

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