Metropolitan Area

Within the metropolitan area, all Local Governments, except the Shire of Mundaring, are authorised to undertake all traffic signing works (including maintenance) related to parking controls along Local Government roads. Pavement markings related to parking controls are included in this authorisation.

Contractors undertaking specific contract construction and maintenance works as required can carry out traffic sign and pavement marking works. 

Metropolitan Local Governments are not authorised to undertake traffic sign and pavement marking works, except for those works related to parking. Main Roads WA has provided a Process Overview document outlining the approvals process for pavement marking and traffic signs.

Rural Areas

For rural areas, all rural councils have been authorised to undertake non-regulatory signing works (including maintenance) and all traffic signing work (including maintenance) related to parking along Local Government roads. Only pavement markings related to parking controls are included in this authorisation.

More Information

For more information about pavement markings and for detailed technical specifications, please reference the Main Roads WA policy.

Chapter 1 - Policy Responsibilities | Main Roads Western Australia

Additionally, Main Roads WA prepared Operational Procedure 112, which provides detail and guidance on how to determine the responsible agency for different elements of the road network in Western Australia. 

Other important reference documents are provided below.

Specification 604: Pavement Marking
Procedure for Seeking Approval to Undertake Works within the Main Roads Reserve
Policy and Application Guidelines: Signage and Pavement Marking on Paths 

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