In Western Australia (WA), under the Emergency Management Act 2005, Local Governments must maintain Local Emergency Management Arrangements (LEMA) for their local district.

The LEMA Review was a partnership between the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) and WALGA, initiated in response to reports that the current LEMA model is not fit-for-purpose for Local Government. The LEMA Review is an opportunity to develop new LEMA approaches, reshape emergency management procedures and enhance disaster preparedness at the local level.

WALGA received AWARE funding to lead a consultation with Local Government for the LEMA Review to ensure that the outcomes were sector-led and representative of a diverse range of Local Governments.
From April to December 2022, WALGA engaged 100 Western Australian Local Governments to identify LEMA strengths, weaknesses, and improvement opportunities in a consultation process that consisted of 10 in-depth interviews, a LEMA Review Survey and 10 interactive workshops that were facilitated by agdots.

WALGA’s LEMA Review Consultation with Western Australian Local Governments: Project Summary and Recommendations Report summarises the key findings of this engagement process. A more detailed overview of the consultation process and outcomes are presented in WALGA’s LEMA Review Issues PaperLEMA Review Survey Report and an independent LEMA Review Workshop Consultation Report prepared by agdots.
Informed by WALGA’s consultation with Local Government, DFES prepared a Draft LEMA Improvement Plan that responded to each of WALGA’s LEMA Review recommendations. During April and May 2023, WALGA then tested the Draft Plan’s proposed objectives, key activities and timeframes with 30 diverse Western Australian (WA) Local Governments to evaluate the level of support from the sector and to identify any issues or gaps. WALGA’s Draft LEMA Improvement Plan: Local Government Testing Outcomes Report outlines the key findings of this testing process and presents several revision suggestions that informed the development of the Final LEMA Improvement Plan. 
A final LEMA Improvement Plan, which includes implementation actions was endorsed by the State Emergency Management Committee (SEMC) in August 2023.
The SEMC endorsement of the LEMA Improvement Plan (the Plan) in August 2023, marked the end of the LEMA Review project.
WALGA acknowledges the valuable input from Local Governments in the LEMA Review and will continue to advocate for the implementation of an improved LEMA system that is better resourced and more responsive to the needs and capacity of the Local Government.
Further updates on the implementation of the LEMA Improvement Plan will be communicated once finalised. For more information, please contact WALGA's Project Lead, Emergency Management, Simone Ruane via or 9213 2049. 

Download an overview of the LEMA Improvement Plan here