Local Governments play a critical role in emergency management (EM). As the level of Government closest to the community, Local Government have specialised local knowledge.

In Western Australia (WA), the State Emergency Management Framework specifies the responsibilities of stakeholders critical to the management of emergencies. Under the Emergency Management Act 2005, Local Governments must ensure that Local Emergency Management Arrangements (LEMA) are developed and maintained for their local district.
The LEMA Review responds to challenges that Local Governments face in fulfilling LEMA requirements and is a significant opportunity to reshape LEMA and to enhance community emergency preparedness.

The State Emergency Management Committee (SEMC) Business Unit and the Western Australian Local Government Association (WALGA) are working in partnership with key stakeholders to develop more fit-for-purpose LEMA, streamline processes, encourage currency, and support Local Governments to fulfill their emergency management responsibilities.
WALGA has received AWARE funding to lead a consultation with Local Government for the LEMA Review. WALGA will actively engage with Western Australian Local Governments to ensure that the LEMA Review is sector led and that representative feedback informs a LEMA Improvement Plan prepared by the SEMC Business Unit.
WALGA will be delivering a series of workshops with Local Governments to explore improvement options and contribute to the design of a more effective LEMA model. Please see upcoming workshops on our events page.

Local Governments are also encouraged to provide written feedback on the WALGA LEMA Review Issues Paper or respond to the LEMA Review Survey by COB Monday, 24 October. 


Download LEMA Review Issues Paper