WALGA Supports e-cigarette/vape collection study

Published on:
Monday, 22 April, 2024
WALGA Supports e-cigarette/vape collection study

The City of Stirling’s Recycling Centre in Balcatta is currently undertaking a limited-time collection of e-cigarettes/vapes with funding support from the Waste Authority.

E-cigarettes are a problematic and hazardous waste to deal with, as they contain embedded lithium batteries and hazardous substances.

Local Government has historically been responsible for managing much of the products consumed by society. Unfortunately, a rapidly changing waste stream has turned the process of managing end-of-life products into an expensive and complicated activity for Local Governments.

This study will provide Local Governments with valuable information on the types of e-cigarettes being disposed of, the materials they are made from and the recovery pathways for each constituent part. 

This information will be used to inform Local Government and WALGA’s advocacy for a product stewardship scheme for these products.

Such a scheme would mean that producers of e-cigarettes/vapes cover the costs associated with recycling these products and provide an easy and convenient way for consumers to recycle these products (at end of life).

Please note that this service will only be provided for a limited time for research purposes and will be withdrawn once the funding has been expended. Individuals can drop off no more than 10 e-cigarettes/vapes at one time and do not need to be a resident of the City of Stirling to utilise the service.

Organisations and businesses are not eligible to use this service. For more information, click here.

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