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Tuesday, 13 September, 2022
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Don't miss participating in the WALGA Salary and Workforce Survey

The 2022-23 WALGA Salary and Workforce Survey opens today until 11 November 2022.
WALGA conducts the Local Government sector’s most comprehensive salary and workforce surveys in Australia. The survey provides Local Government members with online portal access and a report providing comprehensive remuneration and workforce data, and HR metrics for Local Governments in Western Australia and the Northern Territory.
The survey results help guide Local Government recruitment and remuneration strategy and workforce plans, and measure performance across key HR metrics. The final report will be launched in February 2023.
What information is collected as part of the survey?
The survey collects Local Government HR and salary metrics on the following:

  • Remuneration – Salaries, allowances, superannuation, motor vehicles and pay rises
  • Workforce – Workforce profile and diversity
  • HR Metrics – Employee turnover and leave liability
  • Organisation – Corporate services and governance staffing levels and workforce priorities.

Results can be viewed in a customisable dashboard for your Local Government. This allows our members to search for salaries across a large range of Local Government positions for benchmarking and recruitment. You can view a video demonstration of the online portal here.
How much does the survey cost?
To participate in the 2022/23 survey, please email a purchase order in accordance with the below table to WALGA Employee Relations. This will give you full access to the online survey portal until the next survey is released in 2023 and will allow you to complete the survey.

2022-23 survey Annual fee ex. GST
SAT Band 1 $1,735
SAT Band 2 $1,570
SAT Band 3 $1,415
SAT Band 4 $1,025

Access to the WALGA and Salary Workforce Survey portal is offered exclusively free of cost for our members that subscribe to the WALGA Employee Relations (ER) service. Should you wish to become a subscriber to the WALGA ER service, please email WALGA Employee Relations or call 1300 366 956.

If you have already emailed us a purchase order and you have been provided with log in details to access the portal, you can log in to the portal here.

Can more than one person complete the survey online?
Yes. Your Local Government can have up to four portal users, any of whom can log-in and complete sections of the survey. The primary user of the portal can manage the log-in details for all users.
How secure is the online portal?
SalaryOne ensures the security, integrity and privacy of information submitted to and displayed on the portal. All access is subject to stringent login, authentication, and date encryption technology. Apart from the salary search, all data is aggregated and mostly shown as percentile ranges. Only Local Governments that participate in the survey (or purchase the survey) will have full access to the portal and survey results.
For access and support enquiries about the web portal, please email SalaryOne or call 1300 029 421.
For any other questions about this alert, please email WALGA Employee Relations or call 1300 366 956.

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