Submissions For The 2024 State Wage Case and State Award Update

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Wednesday, 17 April, 2024
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Submissions for the 2024 State Wage Case 

The Western Australian Relations Commission (WAIRC) is required to set down minimum wages to apply to State system employees by 1 July of each year (State Wage Case). 
We previously reported on the 2023 WAIRC Wage increase which you can view here.

The 2024 State Wage Case decision will affect the statutory minimum wage and the minimum wage prescribed in State awards, including the Local Government Officers (Western Australia) Award 2021 and the Municipal Employees (Western Australia) Award 2021.

The WAIRC has invited any interested party or organisation to make submissions to the Commission on what minimum wage should be set for 2024.
In making its decision on the State minimum wage, the WAIRC may consider factors including but not limited to:

  • ensuring that Western Australians have a system of fair wages and conditions of employment,
  • meeting the needs of the low paid,
  • providing fair wage standards in the context of living standards generally prevailing in the community,
  • contributing to improved living standards for employees,
  • protecting employees who may be unable to reach an industrial agreement, and
  • encouraging ongoing skills development.

Submissions must be made by Wednesday, 15 May 2024.

WALGA intends to lodge submissions in the 2024 State Wage Case on behalf of the sector. 

Local Governments may, if they wish, lodge their submissions. Submissions can be made by email, post or over the counter to the WAIRC (Level 2, 111 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000). 

Further information relating to the specific requirements of all correspondence relating to the 2024 State Wage Case can be found here.

State award update-Current applications
Application APPL 80 of 2023 – The Western Australian Municipal, Administrative, Clerical and Services Union of WA (WASU) and the Local Government, Racing and Cemeteries Employees Union (WA) (LGRCEU) filed an application to increase the wages in the Municipal Employees (WA) Award 2021 (ME Award). If the WASU and LGRCEU are successful, wages in the ME Award will increase for the outside workforce by 4.4% (Level 1A) to 25.15% (Level 6). The highest increase will be for Level 6 by $285.68 per week. The ME Award will become the benchmark for the sector’s outside workforce minimum wage rates for all Local Governments. 

Application APPL 3 and 4 of 2023 – The WASU is also seeking to vary the ME Award and the Local Government Officers’ (WA) Award (LGO Award) by

  • increasing casual loading from 20% to 25% and increasing regional redundancy pay
  • requiring casual conversion for all employees and preferential treatment in
    employment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander persons, and
  •  introducing paid cultural and ceremonial leave (LGO Award only) and flexible working arrangements.

Application APPL 6 of 2024 – The LGRCEU has filed an application to increase the industry allowance in the ME Award (clause 19.5) from $21.82 to $34.82 for compensation for disabilities on construction and maintenance work. 

Application 26 of 2024 – The WAIRC has handed down a decision concerning facilitative provisions in the LGO Award and consequential amendments.

Application 27 of 2024 – Same as APPL 26 and a decision requiring employers to pay employees within two days of their pay run. 

Next key dates 

  • APPL 80 of 2023 – Friday, 19 April at 2.15pm – Conciliation Conference. WALGA will be representing 15 State based Local Governments that are named award respondents.
  • APPL 3 and 4 of 2023 – Friday, 24 May 2024 at 10.30am – Hearing – WALGA appeal against discovery orders. 

If you have any questions about this alert, please email WALGA Employee Relations or call 1300 366 956.

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