Helping people get around during the Armadale Line shutdown

Published on:
Friday, 12 January, 2024

For people impacted by the Armadale line shutdown, there’s no more opportune time to consider active travel within the community than now.

Through the Armadale Line Active Travel project, the Department of Transport is partnering with METRONET and the Public Transport Authority and collaborating with affected local governments and schools to support and encourage people to discover more active ways to travel locally, instead of resorting to driving for short trips.

Disruptive events can become windows of opportunity to instigate changes in travel behaviour. The closure of the 130-year-old Armadale Line is one such event. 

Running concurrently with METRONET’s larger scale transformation project, this active travel initiative focuses on local communities. It doesn’t aim to replace longer train trips with active travel, but rather promote and encourage walking wheeling and riding within local neighbourhoods.

To help people discover more active and sustainable ways to get around, handy community maps have been produced in partnership with the Cities of Armadale, Gosnells, Canning and Town of Victoria Park. The maps identify walking and bike friendly routes, quiet streets, on-road bicycle lanes and shared paths and also provide information about how to move around the train line whilst works continue. Printed copies are available at local government facilities or mobile-friendly versions can be downloaded from the Armadale Line Active Travel website.

The maps are just one element of the multi-faceted project which also includes intensive support for impacted schools, bike education, rider engagement programs, community activities and lots more.

Want to know more?  Visit to watch a short explanatory video or find out what’s happening. You can also contact the Active Transport team at

Article provided by the Department of Transport Urban Mobility Team

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