2023 Fair Work Commission wage increase

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Friday, 7 July, 2023
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2023 Fair Work Commission wage increase

The decision of the Fair Work Commission (FWC) Expert Panel for annual wage reviews has increased the National Minimum Wage and the minimum rates of pay in modern awards by 5.75%. The FWC has ended the alignment between the NMW and the C14 wage rate (a training/introductory rate) in some modern awards. The NMW increase has now been applied to the C13 wage rate and this has resulted in an effective increase to the NMW of 8.6%.

This will take effect from the first full pay period commencing on or after 1 July 2023. The National Minimum Wage has increased to $882.80 per week, or $23.23 per hour. A summary of the decision can be found here.

Historic FWC wage increases are set out below for comparison. 

1 July 2023 5.75%
1 July 2022 National minimum wage increase: 5.2%
Modern award wage increase: 4.6% or $40 per week (whichever is greater)
1 July 2021 2.5%
1 November 2020 1.75%
1 July 2019 3%
1 July 2018 3.5%
1 July 2017 3.3%
1 July 2016 2.4%

NT Councils and the Shires of Christmas Island and Cocos (Keeling) Islands

This increase will need to be passed on by Local Governments that:

If you apply the LGIA but pay wage rates higher than the minimum LGIA rates, you will need to review your internal policies and procedures and contracts of employment to determine when and how your Local Government usually provides wage increases.

The LGIA contains Schedules B and C which summarise the hourly rates of pay (including penalty and overtime rates) and allowances. The LGIA will be updated with the new rates of pay closer to 1 July 2023. 

All other WA Local Governments

This increase will not apply to WA Local Governments that are in the State industrial relations system, unless they have a clause in an industrial agreement that provides FWC increases will be passed on to employees.

Local Governments operating in the State industrial relations system will be informed when the 2023 State Wage Case General Order is published by the Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission (WAIRC) later this month (noting in 2022 the WAIRC decision was released on 23 June 2022). The WAIRC also considers the decision of the FWC Expert Panel before releasing its decision. 

Superannuation guarantee increase from 1 July 2023

A reminder that the next increase to the superannuation guarantee rate is planned for 1 July 2023, where it will increase by 0.5% to 11%, and will eventually reach 12% by 1 July 2025. For more information please see the ATO website here

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