Recovering the Cost of Road Wear from Heavy Vehicles

WALGA has produced a User Guide, with accompanying technical guidance, and a policy template to assist Local Governments quantify and recover the cost of additional wear and damage to sealed roads from a defined freight task - Read more here.

Operational Responsibility for Public Roads in WA

WALGA, in partnership with Main Roads WA (MRWA) and the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australia WA (IPWEA), has developed a draft interface agreement - Read more here.

Pavement Marking and Signs

Main Roads WA has prepared delivery process diagrams for the installation of new pavement markings and the reinstatement of pavement markings in the Metropolitan area - Read more here.

Roads 2030 Regional Road Development Strategies

Roads 2030 documents a strategic review of regionally significant Local Government roads and the development strategies for them - Read more here.

Report on Local Government Road Assets and Expenditure

The annual Local Government Road Asset and Expenditure Report provides a comprehensive analysis of the investment on WA roads - Read more here.

Regional Road Groups

There are ten Regional Road Groups (RRG) in WA, established under the State Road Funds to Local Government Agreement which is overseen by a State Advisory Committee (SAC) - Read more here.

Guidelines and Specifications for Residential Crossovers

The document comprises guidelines for the planning, design and construction of residential crossovers. The Guide represents a consolidation of current Local Government standard guidelines and specifications. The Guide will provide an opportunity to encourage a consistent approach across the Local Government sector. Local Governments may adopt the Guide in its entirety or as a framework with amendments to reflect local circumstances.  The document can be found here.

The Use of Recycled Materials for Pavements in Western Australia

A working group from the Western Australian Pavements Group has produced a paper that documents the latest innovations and developments on the use of recycled materials for road pavements in Western Australia. The paper was published in the Australian Geomechanics Journal, Volume 52: No 1, March 2017. A copy can be viewed here.

Heavy Vehicle Cost Recovery Policy Guideline for Sealed Roads

WALGA State Council has endorsed the Heavy Vehicle Cost Recovery Policy Guideline for Sealed Roads as a model policy for Local Government adoption.  The model policy guideline will provide Local Government with a consistent and simple approach to implement and manage heavy vehicle cost recovery.  The policy can be downloaded here.

Policy for Assessing Applications to Operate Restricted Access Vehicles on Local Government Roads

State Council has endorsed this as a model policy for Local Government adoption. The objective of this policy is to provide guidance to Local Government when assessing an application to add or amend a road on the Restricted Access Vehicle network. The Policy will assist Local Governments to make decisions based on a rational, transparent and defendable process.  The Policy can be downloaded here.