As land managers, service providers and government regulators, Local Governments play an important role in seeking to balance infrastructure and community needs with environmental conservation and sustainability. WALGA produces a number of resources which are aimed at assisting Local Governments find this balance whilst managing native vegetation in their area. The following resources are available:

Road Reserve Asset Management Plan (RRAMP)

This resource helps Local Governments to balance native vegetation management within road reserves with road infrastructure upgrade and maintenance.

NAIA Templates and database

Four Natural Area Initial Assessment (NAIA) templates were developed to help Local Governments assess site-specific ecological values, biodiversity significance and threats.  The templates mean data collection and assessment is consistent with regional scientific standards.
A database is available for Local Governments to store the data they collected using the NAIA Templates

Native Vegetation Status Statistics

To identify the extent of native vegetation by vegetation type remaining within Local Government, two sets of statistics are prepared annually by the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions. To access the datasets, visit and search for:
  • DBCA Statewide Vegetation Statistics (Based on Beard Vegetation mapping)
  • DBCA South West Vegetation Complex Statistics