WALGA launched its inaugural Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) on 7 March 2018, endorsed at the Reflect level by Reconciliation Australia.

WALGA has been actively involved in the Reconciliation space for quite some time and has worked for Local Government advocating for improved Aboriginal relationships in regional communities. WALGA has promoted Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander road safety and at the Aboriginal Culture and Heritage Preservation Forum, have promoted the creation of RAP’s.

RAP’s provide a framework for organisations to realise their vision for reconciliation. They are practical plans for action built on relationships, respect and opportunities. They are commitments made within our spheres of influence with the aim to make an impact and improve the lives and experiences of Australian’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

At WALGA, we believe that engagement in Reconciliation provides an opportunity to generate a greater understanding and mutual respect across cultures. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures are important to Australia’s national identity and they hold a unique place as the First Australians.

View WALGA's Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan.