Procurement in Local Government
WALGA is pleased to support Local Government Procurement Professionals with a comprehensive suite of procurement training that has been developed by our procurement experts to familiarise participants with the many requirements associated with this vital Local Government function.

The expenditure of public funds via a procurement process in a Local Government context is a high trust function, that when conducted by suitably skilled personnel ensures the many legal, probity oriented and ethical obligations required by the Local Government are met.  By diligently and confidently conducting the procurement process, the community can be assured their Local Government is seeking to obtain the most advantageous procurement outcome to ensure ongoing community support and improved amenity.

WALGA procurement training will provide upskilling of key Local Government personnel, whether they are experienced practitioners or less experienced, entry level individuals starting their procurement journey. 

Participants can be confident they will be better placed to deliver on the expectations of their community within their procurement role. Detailed practitioner-oriented Learner Guides that can be used as ongoing development and resource tools are matched with highly specialised, interactive training sessions that cover key procurement concepts and methodologies will provide participants with key learning outcomes.

Your Local Government’s participation in this suite of training will provide reassurance to your community that the expenditure of public funds will be conducted by suitably skilled personnel.

In addition, the WALGA Procurement courses provide direction and practitioner-oriented guidance in respect of the many recommendations made by the Office of the Auditor General (OAG) in their reports on Local Government Procurement; Contract Extensions and Variations; and Fraud Prevention.