The majority of Local Governments in WA and all Local Governments in the NT have employees who are covered by the Federal Local Government Industry Award 2020. The Award is an important document which sets out the minimum terms and conditions of employment for Local Government employees that are generally not covered by an enterprise agreement. For those Local Governments that have an enterprise agreement, a thorough understanding of the Award is also necessary to interpret your enterprise agreement correctly if it incorporates the Award, and ensure your enterprise agreement meets the ‘better off overall’ test when being renegotiated.

WALGA has exceptional knowledge of this Award as WALGA was directly involved in negotiating the Award terms when it was first created and has made a number of submissions to the Fair Work Commission on behalf of the Australian Local Government Associations during the recent modern award review process.

With the Fair Work Ombudsman’s increasing focus on compliance and ensuring no employees are underpaid, this training will assist you to practically apply the Award at your Local Government and ensure your organisation is compliant.